Angel Binary Utility

Angel Binary Utility is system software designed to help to analyze, remove virus, optimize or maintain a computer. Angel Binary Utility is very power full software.Angel Binary Power Gear & Angel Binary PC Booster are utility program.

Technical Support

Angel Binary’s team focus on Proactive Support Automation & Assisted Support Automation. It refers to support product solutions that minimize downtime and enable 24x7 availability.

Cyber Education

Angel Binary has started cyber security course, how to survive in the ocean of existing cyber threats and how to protect our personal data and finances. Cyber education is addressing about modern electronic world.

Viral encyclopedia

Angel Binary has fixed the following Virus, Trojan, Backdoor ,Dropper, Downloader, Tool, Adware, Dialer, Worm, Exploit, Rootkit, Ransomware & etc.

About Us

Angel Binary Technologies

Angel Binary antivirus is founded in the year 2014 as an entity of “Angel Binary Technologies”. Our technologies develop based is globalized from Europe,USA, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Qatar, UAE, KSA, Malaysia, Bahrain, Africa & etc. Every day the best specialists of the country improve cyber defense technologies, the quality of which each user can appreciate in our products. Our product will delight all the revolutionary product line.

All of Angel Binary products are focused on ensuring that our users have the ability to defend themselves easier in the digital world. We believe that the user does not have to think how to protect his computer from cyber-threats, because it is our main task. We try to make our products easy to use for all, even for those who have just learned how to turn on the computer. It is important to create such products which can be easily used without any external help. If someone needs revision help it means that the program is not clear enough.


Methods of Ransomware

Angel Binary Antivirus Experts ! a study was conducted on the methods of Ransomware infection in Nepal. According to the available data, the main channel of spread of "viruses" is e-mail, and more often attackers use the method of point impact on certain groups of users, using social engineering methods, and psychological influence aimed at unknowingly opening infected documents in attachments or linking to letters, leading to contaminated resources. At the same time, SPAM, in its purest form, as a method of spreading malware, has lost its leading position in Nepal and is not the main tool for cybercrime.

Information Security: Bulling

Information security today is not only about protecting personal data from theft. At present, this is a much broader concept that should also include a culture of retrieving information from the Internet and, in particular, such an aspect as counteracting aggressive behavior during communication that may be indicative of bullying. How to counteract such harmful influences in the aspect of private information security in the material of cybersecurity specialists of the antivirus company Angel Binary.

Bulling is like a phenomenon

Let's try to consider this topic as an example of communication between school-age children, because it is school bullying that is most common. Interactive day-to-day communication and the development of technology significantly increase the speed of information transmission and dissemination. Today, no one is surprised by 3-4 messengers on a smartphone and the presence of groups in which participants can talk on various topics. The same can be said about social networks and various chats. Currently, these convenient formats of collective communication are very widespread among students, students, and there are class groups that discuss a variety of issues and problems.


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