Installing the product

What are the system requirements?

RAM: 512 MB or more
Processor frequency: 1 GHz or higher
Hard disk space: 250 MB
Operating system: Windows XP (SP2, SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 (x32, x64)

How to install the product on a computer that does not have access to the Internet?

You may download the full version of the product using the following address: Use it if you cannot access the Internet from a computer that is used for downloading, or if normal installer does not work.


How to activate license?

To register the program, enter/copy the code, which you purchased, to the “License code” box in your product on “License” tab and click “Activate”.

How to recover lost license?

To restore your license in the case of loss, you must contact us in any convenient way: to write or call, and we provide you with your personal license and all necessary information during 2 – 3 hours


How often is antivirus updates?

Typically, antivirus updates 1 time a day. In the case of epidemics our team prepares updates in accelerated mode to protect the user.

How to update bases on computer that doesn’t have access to Internet?

If built-in update mechanism doesn’t work because of absence of Internet connection you might use Offline databases update. This way you might download file with the latest signatures from any other computer and copy it (via networks or with any removable media, such as flash stick, CD-RW disk etc.).
Angel Binary bases
Download off-line bases: AngelBinaryAntivirusBases.exe
To update your product’s bases you should:
Download file using the link above
Copy file to the computer with Angel Binary Internet Security installed
Run the file
Follow instructions of the Setup wizard

Using the product

Why do we need guard?

Guard is a tracking system in real-time, detecting viruses and other malicious programs that trying to get through your email, operating system or files, tracks running processes, effectively blocks and removes threats “on fly”, provides for prevention of infection.
By default, the Guard is automatically enabled on every boot product. This is a very important component of protection and we do not recommend turning off this feature. If for any reason you need to disable the sentry, activate it again at the first opportunity.

Angel Binary changed the status to “red.” What should I do?

If the icon of Angel Binary software solution, which is installed on your computer, became red color, it indicates that the program requires active measures from the user. It may indicate the location of active threats on your PC and action from you, outdated databases and the need to update other important messages.

How to get support as quickly as possible?

We try to provide our users with answers to their questions and solving problems as soon as possible, but very often a lot of time is spent on how to get all the necessary information to understand the user`s problem.
Therefore, sending us queries specify please the next list:
The version of the operating system (can be found on the “About Windows” of any standard software (eg, Explorer, Notepad)
Version of Angel Binary software (written on the page “Update” of the main window of the product)
All the steps that led to the appearance of your problem
If there is inappropriate behavior, adds screenshot that can illustrate the problem
Information about changes in the system that have occurred recently – installing and uninstalling programs, installation of additional equipment, changing Windows settings or other.
If you are reporting a false triggering of Antivirus, along with information about the program to which the file belongs, add the file to the letter (back it up with a password to prevent its loss during transmission) and type the full name of the virus.

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